The Artist

My name is Aimee Cairns. I am an NZ-European Illustrator based in Aotearoa. I have a generalized anxiety disorder. I am probably very left-leaning. 

"Tokenin" is my art persona, connected to the fantasical illustrated worlds that are my personal work. I paint these works for myself, and I like to share them with others to spread the cathartic feelings I get from them.

Professional Work

I've worked in game development for 9 years, mainly as a concept artist :)

I had a lot of support from my family and educators to explore art from a young age. I drew a lot in my teenage years. In 2009 I started a degree in Fine Art before dropping out after my second year, and gained a diploma in 3D animation in 2012. I have been drawing professionally since 2013.

My Work

I like to depict the small things that live among the cracks of the manmade world. The dandelion that grows up through the concrete. The little forest on the way to school. You peek into these spaces and see something special, and wonder, "how they are doing?." And sometimes they look back, wondering the same about you.

To be small, near the dirt, a little thing, with a little life.