When can I expect my order to arrive?
Orders will be sent out in bulk. You will be emailed when your order is shipped!

Delivery times from shipping:
NZ: Up to 3 working days
International: 3 - 10 working days
International courier: 2 - 6 working days

The shipping option I want is unavailable:
Contact the store if the shipping option you want is unavailable, and we will see if we can make an arrangement.

Do you sell prints with frames?
Unfortunately no, it is hard to source the right packaging, and the shipping cost would be much higher.

Where can I get a frame in NZ?
In New Zealand most stores that sell frames with have square ones up to A4. I buy mine from: https://www.factoryframes.co.nz/

What do you do with a Print?
Display it in your home, brighten up your workspace with it, stow it in your bookshelf as treasure, look at it while listening to whimsical music, give it as a gift to your house plants, write stories about the characters, make your own OCs from it, make an artbook out of your collection of art, buy several of the same print and make a 3D shadow box out of it, use it as inspiration for your indie game / comic / album, cut it up and stick it in your journal and write affirmations around it, fold it into an origami box to make a tiny LED lampshade, make an ornate window for it that looks like you are seeing into another world, write a poem on the back of it and give it to a friend, glue it to a lamppost, laminate it and carry it around with you, put it in a storage box to delight yourself every 3-5 years when you find it, donate it to an op shop, put stickers on it to make it seem like there's more characters in it, do a tik tok dance with it, convince your local cafe to onsell it for me and give me a cut of the profit, or save it for when it's worth millions of dollars in a few generations.